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RTW SelectRite®

The same behavioral issues that increase lost time and claim cost at the point of injury also exist in people prior to hire. We can help you identify these characteristics before a candidate is hired so you can make a more informed decision.

RTW SelectRite® is a unique pre-hire screening tool synonymous with honesty testing or integrity testing. RTW SelectRite identifies applicants who have a propensity to steal, use drugs, lie, exhibit hostility, or have an entitlement mentality.

Employers who use RTW SelectRite achieve incredible results. The average capture rate is 31%; nearly three times higher than traditional urinalysis and criminal background checks combined. Employers using RTW SelectRite see significant reductions with their workers’ compensation costs for screened employee groups compared with existing personnel who were not tested.

The RTW SelectRite® test is administered online and the process is quite simple:  

  • 73 questions
  • Takes 12-15 minutes
  • Available in 21 languages
  • 5th grade reading level
  • Audio version is available

The RTW SelectRite results are instantaneously sent to the hiring manager. The test is available 24×7.

Not only does RTW SelectRite make a profound impact on workers’ compensation costs, it is also proven to be a powerful tool in improving productivity, employee morale, and earnings by reducing:

  • Turnover
  • Sick Leave Utilization
  • Employee Theft
  • EAP Utilization
  • Workplace Violence
  • Workers’ Comp Losses
  • Negligent Hiring Suits
  • STD Losses
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • LTD Losses
  • Terminations for Cause
  • Group Medical Costs
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Auto Liability
  • FMLA Utilization
  • EPL Claims

The RTW SelectRite process meets all State and Federal hiring guidelines and has not been legally challenged since its first use in 1979.

According to the June 2011 HR Magazine article entitled Pre-Employment Screening,

“Integrity tests have been validated repeatedly by developers, independent researchers and HR professionals at the many companies that use them. Ones conducted a meta-analysis of validation studies, which concluded that the tests are statistically valid and predict what they purport to. Among all types of pre-hiring assessments, including background screening, research has shown that integrity tests have the highest validity for predicting undesirable behaviors at work.” The article goes on to state that “The use of credit checks and criminal background checks is facing legal scrutiny due to their possible adverse impact on protected groups, but integrity tests have generated few such complaints.”

How to get started?

The set-up is easy. Contact us and we’ll provide you with a short service agreement. Once the service agreement is executed, our account management team will coordinate the implementation & training, which usually involves a short webinar.