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RTWI Insurance Overview

A Higher Standard

Through our carrier affiliates – American Compensation Insurance Company, Bloomington Compensation Insurance Company and Plaza Insurance Company (AM Best Rating “A”) – we write workers’ compensation coverage in two segments:

Debit Mod

We work with companies with below average loss experience for their industry group and help them to improve outcomes and lower costs through a unique case and claim management model.

Characteristics of customers in this segment include WC premium greater than $100,000, “four-wall” environments without a lot of off-premises exposure and a commitment to promptly return employees to work consistent with their physician defined capabilities.

Small Accounts

Our CompConnect portal enables agents to quote and bind coverage for small town, “Main Street” business (WC premiums less than $25,000) at competitive commissions. In the event of a claim, these employers receive the same, industry-leading claims service as our Debit Mod segment.