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RTWI Return-to-workDespite decreases in claim frequency over the past 20 years, employee injuries are still an unfortunate part of the workplace.  A survey of occupational physicians suggests that up to 70% of lost time is not medically necessary.  The most successful programs return an employee to work and life, resulting in reduced cost and employee absenteeism. Having a job available that will allow the employee to return to work at less than 100% capacity is the key.

RTW can help in two ways:

1. Assist you with creating or improving a formal Return-to-Work program.

  • Assessment of current R-T-W program and needs
  • On-site assessment to identify transitional/light-duty work options
  • Assistance with establishing formal written job descriptions for transitional/light-duty jobs
  • Communication plan to all stakeholders
  • Company training to implement a formal transitional/light-duty program

2. When transitional duty jobs are difficult to find in your organization, we offer RTW PlaceRite®, a national network of nonprofit organizations that provide jobs that fit most injured employees medical restrictions.

Employers who use RTW PlaceRite® see significant benefits and results, including:

  • ADA approved work environment
  • Shifts focus from pain to recovery
  • Allows recovery to take priority over production expectations
  • Provides real work for continued pay (by Employer)
  • Keeps injured worker engaged in work and life
  • Keeps employees from becoming dependent on work comp system
  • Positive public relations for company within the community (some states offer community tax credits)
  • 92% of injured workers’ benefits were terminated within one week of referral
    – 25% participated in Return-to-Work program
    – 16% refused work, benefits terminated
    – 51% returned to full duty work, benefits terminated
  • Average lost time per claim reduced by 28 days
  • Re-injury rate less than ½%