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Comp15 – Specialty Claim Focus

Workers’ Compensation Claims Service

We make timely and accurate compensability decisions.

The single most important decision in the life of a workers’ compensation claim is whether benefits are owed.  RTW adjusters understand all of the eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation and use thorough investigations to determine compensability quickly, fairly and accurately.

We identify high-risk claims and intervene immediately.

Using our proprietary ID15® triage and claim scoring system, within the first 48 hours of claim receipt we identify claim characteristics that can extend medical costs and lost time beyond expected outcomes.  On those “high-risk” files, specialized nurse case managers are assigned from the onset and use a sports medicine mentality in working with the injured employee, insured and medical provider.

We get people back to work.

Lost time associated with WC claims costs employers millions of dollars in insurance costs and lost productivity.  RTW helps employers create effective return-to-work programs that allow injured employees to work within their medical restrictions while recovering from their injury.  Return-to-work programs have proven, over time, to significantly reduce employer’s costs.

Specialized Teams…Better Results.

In workers’ compensation claims, one size does not fit all.  RTW uses a unique, specialized model that allows our claim adjusters to focus on specific elements of a claim such as compensability, return-to-work and claim resolution.  As a result, we see average claim costs trending downward and acceleration in claim closure.  It also allows our teams to maintain an intense focus on customer service.