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ID15® – Predictive Technology

Knowledge is Power

Fifteen percent of workers’ compensation claims account for nearly eighty percent of the system’s cost. In many cases, the poor outcomes on these files are driven by the claimant’s psychosocial and behavioral characteristics – which create a higher likelihood of extended medical treatment, long-term prescription drug use and longer disability time. ID15® is the result of integrating the expertise and intuition of medical professionals, historical claim data and technology to identify problematic cases early on – within the first 48 hours of claim receipt.

Utilizing specially trained nurses, we interview injured employees to collect specific and relevant behavioral issues, psychosocial characteristics and the details of the injury and medical diagnosis. Our nurses supplement this information by further interviewing the treating medical professional(s) and consulting with the employer to gather additional facts. These exchanges are performed immediately after the injury event.

Once the data gathering phase has concluded, our nurses enter the results into our proprietary ID15® system, which produces a score, a “disability indicator,” based on the information collected from the interviews. The disability indicator determines for us the likelihood that a claim will become one of the fifteen percent.

ID15® has advantages to other predictive models in the market. It collects and uses information unique to the injured employee and does not rely on information found in public databases. Most importantly, it serves as an urgent call to action. These claims require immediate, specialized and coordinated intervention – RTW’s Managed Care Solutions.